Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The house I sold but not the house I live in!

So as I have mentioned before, I am in the process of moving home!

It is really tossing stressful!

It was soo hard to get the house looking smart and tidy and into a state that would convince people to pay for it rather than just demolish it!

Over the last five years we have spent a lot of money on our home and we had really got it into a condition that we were proud of, decorated in a way that we loved.

Looks great doesn't it?

 Wouldn't you love to live in a house that looks like this?


I would love to this in this house, this beautifully tidy, well organised, lovely home.

But I don't!

I live in this house...........................


 This is the house that I live in!

My house in all its filthy fucked up glory!

My daughter is only laughing in this photo as she knows how badly her brother is going to have trashed the living room.........

And here he is doing so!

I would love to be able to say that when the kids go to bed it is transformed back into the clean and tidy house I first showed you, but it isn't!

It mostly stays exactly as pictured here!

This isn't even as bad as it gets, there is no play-doh or paint out and the kids are still wearing their clothes, so this was definitely a good day!

I justify my house looking like this by reasoning that if I were to be burgled whilst I was out the intruders would just assume someone had beaten them to it and leave. It is basically a home protection measure!

So this is why we're moving! Because our lovely house, that we bought and decorated with no thought to kids, is trashed on a daily basis. There is shit piled upon shit, that a toddler has then weed all over!

I can't wait to move. Since having found a new house and accepted an offer on ours, the house has shrunk. Before deciding to move I loved it and found the state of it amusing but now I have begun to resent it and hate it, and say rude things when it's back is turned.

So bring on the move...that has been moved from September and now to October!

In the mean time, I shall sit amongst the wee covered mess and drink wine!

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  1. Moving house is a really frustrating business, isn't it? Even when everything appears to be straightforward, something always makes it take longer than it should.
    Your house is lovely, by the way, especially the kitchen. I think most houses which contain young children look like the bottom pictures... Mine certainly does most days! #BloggerClubUK

    1. Thank you! It's typical that we spent ages getting it how we wanted and now are moving! I am determined that our new house will look better!!

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  3. I swore I would never move again. 4 times! #BloggerClubUK @ordinaryhopes

  4. Great post! So funny. Ever since Peachy was born, I swear our house has shrunk. How can such a little person take up so much space? #BloggerClubUK

  5. Wouldn't it be great if our houses stayed tidy all week. I clean at the weekend and by Tuesday it's a mess again. Good luck with the house move! #BloggerClubUK xx