Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Uninspiring inspiration to blog!

This has been my first blog in ages.

I have been bogged down by solicitors and estate agents preparing for a move and every time I try to write I just stop mid way. This evening my toddler has hit a new low. He has now tipped me over the edge of despair to pure fucking exasperation but has also given me the inspiration that I have been lacking.

It turns out that no matter how much other shit that is happening in your life your kids will always be the ones that cause you to question yourself the most! I have tried reasoning and negotiating in my house move and no matter how many concessions or extra money I have offered I cannot get a completion date before October. Fine. I did my best.

But with my toddler...my used to go to bed silently and sleep to morning toddler, there apparently is no negotiating. There is no concession!

Over the last week something has happened. He has been replaced by this completely horrid tantruming little shit bag that refuses to go to bed and has more staying power than than a Geordie at an open bar!! (I say this as my husband is one so I know!)

He now throws an almighty head for as soon as he is put in his bed and is straight out and stood screaming at the gate. I have tried books and songs, I have tried bargaining.


I then, after several warning, smacked his bum (mildly I am not a monster!) nothing! In fact when threatened with it a second time he presented me his backside!!

This evening I brought him screaming downstairs on to the naughty step where he sat quietly for 20 minutes. When then offered the choice of continuing on the step or going to bed he chose the step!! What the actual fuck!?! After a further 15 minutes he got off the naughty step so was put back in his bed.

He is, as I write screaming at the gate. Don't be fooled into believing there is something wrong.

There isn't.

If we eventually give in and go and get him he stops crying immediately and starts to chat with a winner's smile. I fear we only have ourselves to blame. He is after all a mixture of my husband and I. A mixture of wilful and pure fucking bloody mindedness!

So I have broken my pity fuelled writers block and am now inspired to ask where the chuff do I go from here?

In all honestly I am, quite frankly, fresh out of fucks at this point. I have the Olympics and wine and am hoping that my staying power out weighs that of a toddler!

On the plus side the baby could sleep through Armageddon which is honestly how it sounds in here at the moment.

So I bid you all a good night, I however will be putting the subtitles on the gymnastics and will numb the pain with a bottle of Sauvignon blanc!

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  1. They really can turn on you in a second those toddlers. Hope he returns to his sweet, sleeping self soon. #bigpinklink

    Nadia - ScandiMummy x

  2. I can definitely identify with the sentiment that toddlers can tip you from despair to exasperation-mine both do that pretty much every second of every day...! Thankfully though, my little monsters are begging to collapse into bed at the end of every day-if they kept getting up and carrying the rigmarole on into the evening, I'd probably have left my husband by now, and left him to it! I hope normal sleeping service is resumed soon... Thank god for wine!!!!

    1. Wine is my life line! Lol! I may have to find an evening class of some kind that starts at 7pm! I won't go obviously, I will go the the pub or the park or the co-op until it is safe to return!!