Thursday, 2 June 2016

Firsts the second time around

The first firsts are so exciting, you watch with baited breath from the time your baby is born for them to have their first first.

My son's first first happened immediately, when he did his first poo as he was born, all over me, I mean it, I was covered. It was gross.

He then had a steady stream of firsts, his first smile at 2 weeks, his first tooth at 4 months his first steps at 13, and so on and so on up to now at 22 months when he told me he needed to wee for the first time and used the potty! very proud mummy moment.

But with my daughter I have had a bit of a parenting fail. Where I had been convinced every facial twitch with my son was a smile I have been cynical with my daughter, writing every grin off as gas until 6 weeks where she really did 100% definitely smile when she saw me. Perhaps she smiled before then, I don't know to be honest I couldn't tell.

And now this week she has rolled over! 18 weeks old, good for her! But I missed it. 3 times. My baby has rolled over 3 times and I have missed each one.

The first roll yesterday she had been on her play mat for hours, I went out of the room for a moment to get my son a glass of water and when I came back she was on her front with head propped up on her arms! I couldn't believe it, she looked so pleased with herself and I didn't see!

So, this morning, my son was in bed and she had my undivided attention, I wasn't going to miss it again, in fact this time I would film it, that would assuage the guilt! I sat with my phone pointed at her, pressing record every time she started to turn, (I have lots of short sections of her half way over), but nothing. I popped upstairs to grab something, must have literally been 30 seconds out of the room, and there she was, on her front! FFS! I missed it for the second time! well colour me a failure!

I shook it off like a pro! Had to get on with my day, my son woke up and I made him his lunch, I then made him an entirely different lunch, I read the Gruffalo (a zillion times), I ate his first lunch and we watched Toy Story again. Back on the play mat for the baby, lovely.

Something stank.

My son had pooed. Whipped him upstairs to deal with toxic mess in his nappy, back downstairs....ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME! There she was on her stomach.

I give up. I missed it, I missed the first, second and third time my daughter rolled over. I can't get that back, it's gone. The funny thing is, I can't actually remember when my son first rolled over any more, I don't remember how old he was or what else happened that day, I know I saw it, but I don't remember it. I missed this first the second time around but, and here's the funny thing, I bet I'll remember it!


  1. Aww there's just no way to catch each and every first when we have other things dividing our attention. As a working mom, I miss most of the true firsts. So as long as I get to see it at all, I'm happy :) #KCACOLS

  2. Oh man, sounds like you're daughter is a trouble maker from the beginning! (: I actually think she may be rolling over looking for you-so maybe if you hide out of her eyesight, you may be able to catch it!
    Seriously though, don't beat yourself up! <3 #KCACOLS

  3. Haha, little cheeky one there! I remember most of that stuff I think...I was quite tired at the time...#KCACOLS

  4. Ha ha she's going to be some kind of stealth spy when she's older! We also LOVE the Gruffalo in our house :-) #KCACOLS

  5. I love this, she waits until you're out of the room I swear! #kcacols